Universal Studios Japan - Harry Potter Adventure

We visited Universal Studios Japan and invaded the Harry Potter re-creation. Super immersive experience! Highly recommend visiting. Also visited other areas and finished things off with a backwards roller coaster ride!
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Conquering Mount Fuji

A Canadian, an Australian and 2 figures did a bullet run of Mount Fuji. Got altitude sickness, lava sand blasted in the face, sunburned, and frozen. Life achievement unlocked!
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Danbo Kun & Ebisu Garden Place

Danbo kun visited Ebisu Garden Place today and found a nice little spot to relax!
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Shinjuku Koen & Hot Toys Store - 04.27.2014

Took a walk around Shinjuku Koen again and snapped some photos. Then it was off to Harajuku to visit the Hot Toys store to checkout some of the worlds best figures. Toys for adults!
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Dragon Ball Z vs One Piece - 03.21.2014

Dragon Ball Z vs One Piece has landed smack dab in the center of Shibuya!
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Danbo Kun Loves Sakura! - 03.29.2014

Danbo is out and about again in Nakameguro to checkout the Sakura!
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Tokyo Dome / Harajuku / Omotesando

Some random photos snapped in random places.
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Akihabara in the Winter - 01.19.2014

A Brief walk around Akihabara in the winter time. Chilly but the maids are still out in short skirts!
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Meiji Shrine & Shibuya - 01.05.2014

Bringing in the new year at the Meiji Shrine with a brief stop in at Shibuya
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Danbo Kun & Shibuya by night

Danbo was out and about for another walk around Shibuya! So cute don’t you think?
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